Started my profile, now what?
by AKO • Mar 29, 2019 | Update

A freelancer profile on Ako allows clients, old or new find you, but it is also partly your job to make it happen.
Getting the word out to old and prospective clients helps create awareness for your service(s) profile, and helps build your client, and review base for prospective clients.

Enhance your freelancer profile with the following:

Portfolio Images: Your portfolio is a visual representation of your services and your capabilities in terms of your skill. To tell the best story, upload at least seven pictures of your most recent, up to date work. This allows more depiction to different degrees of what you can do and what clients can hire your services for. Profiles with professional images tend to get more requests than profiles having low-quality images.

Profile Description: Create a detailed profile description by telling as much as you can of yourself, your services, experiences, and backgrounds. This allows clients to get more detailed information about a freelancer before making a booking request.

Seasonally Updated portfolio: Particularly for Fashion Freelancers with seasonal services. Its best advised updating your portfolio to represent the current seasonal portrayal of your services. Chances of getting booked are higher when your portfolio represents a current season, rather than an old season.

Detailed Price-list: Clients are mostly looking for prices of your services, and need to know if they can afford you. Update your price-list to provide this information.

Search Tags: By adding search tags, or creating your personalized search tags to your profile, clients have different search options to discover your profile.

Getting the word out to increase your profile traffic

In Person: Share the word about your Ako profile to old clients, letting them know they can book you directly on Ako.
Use the SHARE PROFILE link feature on your profile, you can share your direct link to clients via different mediums or post your direct link on your social media.
With the direct profile link feature, all you need to select the method of sharing your profile link to old or new clients… i.e messages, email, whats app, etc., and clients can get your direct link to book your services directly.

Social Media: Copy your unique profile link and post it in your bio section on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


It’s convenient. Clients can book you anytime they want using that personal link, without the hassle of searching and filtering to discover your profile.
Awareness to your profile; old and new clients can book your services using that link and can help spread the word out about your profile and your services.

Got other ideas to create more awareness for your profile? We would like to hear your suggestions.

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