Pause, Reflect, Refresh.
by AKO • Jan 09, 2019 | Update

Pause, reflect, refresh, the basis of our next line of actions for the community, was very crucial in creating what would be the considered the best AKO platform, yet. This new update consisting of all core functions guarantees to satisfy the core promises to both Freelancers and Clients alike, in the AKO community. We have listened, asked, pondered, recreated, canceled, remodeled and worked tirelessly within the past months to ensure that all to be done is done right, especially with your help.

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We are excited to finally let you experience the new AKO with us and can guarantee that you wouldn’t have a problem adapting to this change, especially with features that have been remodeled much better than you’d expect. In the next months and quarters, we will be unveiling some new developments, and we hope that you stick with us for the long haul. Here’s what has not changed in delivering on our AKO promise.


The core essence of AKO remains and serve to foster a fashion and lifestyle community marketplace for us, by us, this objective still remains the same and continues to be the driving factor for growing our community. This communal essence of shared interests, crafts, talents, skills, and the never-ending yearn that we all identify with strengthens our mission and vision for the community.



Our service categories haven’t been updated or changed, but growing requests to update other services categories will be granted within the next months. The current service selection is due to most sought after services in the fashion and lifestyle industry, and there are a plethora of services within these copes we can’t wait to explore and be discovered.



No, you are not the product, and will never be. AKO will remain free but will have a premium version with a subscription option within the next coming months. What is still of utmost importance to us is allowing the AKO platform to anyone with a fashion and lifestyle skill to grow, start or foster their careers, crafts, skills, talents and themselves. That’s the mission. That is what matters to us.


So, What’s Next?

Over the next months, we’ll be launching new tools for our community and enabling comprehensive support for these changes. AKO will still be majorly available to freelancers in the Tri-state area but will continue to launch in more states.

We continuously strive to improve our community to provide you with the best experience and empower our freelancers to not only get connected to clients but to also utilize their skills and talents and make money while doing so.


We’re not to spoil all the surprises, so check back here, on Twitter: @ako_app, on Instagram:@akoapp, for the latest updates

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