Modern-Day Rosies! Re-Envisioning Women Empowerment in the Photography Industry.
by AKO • Aug 18, 2020 | PHOTOGRAPHY

As we mark world photography day this month, 19th of August, We celebrate far and wide the subtle tap on the camera, a flash of light, and the boundless passion that influences the infinite capture of moments in our lives and our many other subjects. 

While photography is actively perceived as male-dominated, we pay attention to ladies who deserve to get their fair share of recognition. Indelible icons; Nan Goldin, Diane Arbus, 2 Women of Style, Louise, and Stephanie, are some mentions whose art history continues to be studied over the centuries of photography. 

Granted, countless women photographers continue to take photography to new heights. Women are turning an acclaimed male-dominated field on its head, from adventure to conceptual photography. Below is a primer on 7 of the modern-day Rosies who are helping shape the medium. In this spirit, be sure to add them in your art world saints’ list, pronto.

Allyson Riggs: Behind-the-Screen 

Talk about diversity. Allyson’s on-the-map projects with Gillette, Netflix, TNT, and NBC have won her a point. She’s a still photographer, whose work has featured in magazines and billboards. “Wait, what photographer? Aren’t all photographers still?” Well, a ‘still photographer’ is one who creates images for marketing, publicity films, and television production purposes. 

Currently, Riggs is working on two personal collections. Young Adults, which features style and living conditions of young adults, and Eureka, whose primary focus is about the quiet nature of Eureka, California. She’s bagging bonus points for her top-drawer behind-the-scenes sneak peeks in popular television ads and shows.  

Ramona Bach: Not Only Humans

Do you know what’s lovely? Walking barefoot in the sand and dreaming about the future. What about ending an evening with a sunset feeling its harmony and gratitude? All in its simplicity. Ramona, predominantly a portrait photographer, has her hands on weddings, interiors, and my-all-time favorite, Landscapes. 

Her portraiture, independent of age, style, gender, or color, has won her a comprehensive portfolio. Ranging from underwater models to cats in the snow, fashion, and newborn babies. She’s able to use her eye for color and shape to edit photos she loves. She says her favorite element is water and has somehow become her signature. You’d rather have children and animals on your lap. For Ramona, it feels fun if in front of the camera. 

Anais Bizet: Love is All You Need

Anais Bizet’s passion is majorly about those moments you share with your loved ones. She’s all about the love that is celebrated at weddings, in young or old couples, and family portraits. She retaliates that everyone is there for a day. 

So, why can’t Anais capture tears, laughs, and disorder you share? And oh, she has a tender touch through her camera on landscape and weather. According to her, each story is remarkable and deserves to be told beautifully and timelessly. From her website, you can tell she’s a photography ace as she captures projects in architecture, food, and travel as well.

Juliette Jourdain: The Girl with a Thousand Faces

Juliette, 29, is a French photographer, whose work has proved beyond imagination, her mastery of the art. The self-portrait is her favorite genre that she explores with eminence. She scores hugely by fully transforming herself in each shot by incorporating scenic techniques, makeup, and costumes. In a nutshell, she is her fantasies’ raw material, pulling all kinds of social signals. She has featured in magazines, such as the prestigious photo magazine in France and exhibitions. She has also received a variety of awards for her stunning work.

Victoria Kuzilova: Young, Innocent, and Free

Victoria, alias, the child whisperer, is uniquely talented in capturing the innocence of children. Her images go beyond the screen to the rare but beautiful view of the fading world. Her diversity is felt from capturing children to animals of all kinds at the beach or in the snow. While children portraits make most of her diary, she shoots terrific pictures of adults and sometimes landscapes. You can’t help but smile through Victoria’s portfolio. 

Reiko Wakai: Fashion with a Twist

Reiko‘s magical use of color and light, while surprisingly working with transgender models and acrobats, creates a curve out of the norm. Its outcome guarantees emotions. She has a shoot in fashion and landscapes that supersedes any human figure to create a statement of how small we are in comparison to nature.You may remember her as the Wix Photography Contest Winner, dubbed, Capture your Dream Photo. It’s in this contest that she managed a zero-gravity, out-of-this-world photoshoot with international model, Stav Strachko. 

Hilary O’Leary: A Safari at Your Fingertips

Hilary O’Leary is a wildlife photographer who has taken it through the camera to help raise awareness of endangered animals. For her to achieve this, she captures the sweetness and playfulness of animals seen as tough and scary.

According to Hilary, photography can be taken in a two-way dimension, literally and not-so-literally. ‘Literally, photography’ is a statement saying,’ I exist, I’m here.” “Be part of my life.” “Know who I am.” ‘Not so literally photography’ is a magical box that captures light; you can do whatever you please. She hopes to make and support the changes we’re so desperate to see. When not shooting the beauty of wildlife, Hilary shoots sports, music, weddings, and not-so-wild animals. Besides the list above, there are honorable mentions you should know, particularly the work of Sarya FarkSuzanne Moxhay, who uses an old-age matte painting technique, and of course, Sharon Radisch

Wrap Up

The surprising-factor about women in the photography industry is that they’ve done it all. Be it weddings, portraits, food, sports, and wildlife. There isn’t a photography style that has been left untouched. Additionally, their photography websites, through which they use to immortalize our world, are taking the internet by storm. 

While we celebrate men who have all through helped change the history of photos, there’s no harm in recognizing ladies’ shaping and diversifying artwork any other day. The number of women in the photography canon has been increasing tremendously. You can only expect a balanced ratio between male and female professionals in the industry soon.

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