Is the future of photography virtual?
by AKO • Jul 10, 2020 | PHOTOGRAPHY

Over the last few months, photographers have become more creative in adapting to the changing circumstances of a COVID-19 reality. As the need for social distancing constricts the need for contact, the never-ceasing pursuit of passion still fuels creatives across the globe. In this case, within creating images, a new and almost previously unsought form of photography has and will soon become the norm.  

Virtual photography exists to bring a photographer and a client together through virtual/ online lenses, with meeting spaces such as Zoom, Skype, and several others channeling these virtual creative expressions via an online(with the help of a professional). The photographer primarily talks with a client and guides the client on creating the perfect backdrop and finding the most frame-appropriate angles for capturing that “money shot.”

Shot through FaceTime by Tim Dunk (

With screenshot technology, photographers can creatively turn life-like poses captured in home environments into something remarkable, and what makes for photography bank in the present climes are the editing skills required to transform low-quality images into works of art. Adding a few layers of photoshop and editorial skills onto these images, create portraits good enough to hang over the fireplace, or land on an editorial front cover.  


Will virtual photography become the future of photoshoots?

While social distancing and the new principles of less contact create fear in many, it’s hard to believe the world could ever return to its pre-COVID ways again. Even as cities and most activities slowly open back up, will people continue to follow these social patterns they’ve developed? 

It may be a long time before shaking hands is an acceptable greeting or sharing drinks become acceptable in the social contract. Still, in-person photoshoots may be one of the newly outdated standards for the creative industry. Being able to learn and master forms of virtual photography and impeccable editing techniques will be critical factors that define a good photographer in the future.

As virtual photography is touted as an excellent solution for photographers to temporarily keep the photography lights on, it is hard to presume that in-person photoshoots will continue in the upcoming months. People are anxious to return to their regular routine and get on with life as they know it. On the plus side, many of these photoshoots can be done outside if need be. The typical engagement shoot walking through the park or across woodsy acreage is still a possible backdrop in a socially distant future. Photographers could become adapt to taking pictures from a six-foot distance to continue creating these portraits if need be. 

However the case, photographers must embrace the new normal of virtual photography and hone and develop practical photography skills to adapt to this new method of creating images. It is by far the safest method of conducting photoshoots to minimize contact. With this new norm, photographers should accept clients’ wishes to remain distant and adapt to these times creatively.

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