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by Andrew Veloz • Jul 30, 2020 | FEATURES

Hailing from Miami Florida and Zanesville Ohio, Micah Mcdonald and Wayman Bannerman are a dynamic fashion pair that have electrified the fashion industry with their ability to create classy and bold designs that have attracted premier level clients like Tessa Thompson, Keke Palmer, and Forest Whitaker. Originally an investment banker for JPMorganChase, Wayman was finishing his program at the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked with Henri Bendel as a visual and marketing relations consultant. His commitment to become part of the fashion world paid off and he contributed to publications such as GQ magazine, Vanity Fair, and L’Officiel. Like Wayman, Micah also attended FIT and worked his way through the industry by sharpening his skills as an intern. During his own journey, he captured POVs for Marc Jacobs and later decided to make styling his full time job. 

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Wayman and Micah originally met through a mutual friend who thought it would be a good idea for the two to get to know each other. Initially, Wayman recalled being reluctant to meet Micah but after getting to know each other more “We figured out we had all of these parallels and similarities, we ended up talking all night”. With a friendship born, the two moved into solo successful freelance styling careers before, but it would take some time until they joined forces. Finally in 2013, Wayman and Micah came together after realizing their potential as a unit: “we were doing our celebrity vision boards together in my apartment … we said, what if we try to acquire them together instead of losing them to an outside party. And that’s how we joined forces”. 

Since becoming a duo, the two have only exponentially gotten stronger as a styling wrecking crew that pulls top designs for some of the best known celebrities. Whether it’s designing sleek and nifty suits for Jerry Ferrara or adding vibrant class to Allyson Felix’s formal wear, creativity and purpose is to be expected from W and M. But even more than that, they both strongly believe in creating stylish wear for all kinds of people : “We want to show that we are not only catering to the African-American market … We live a diverse palate—it’s a part of our daily lives—and we want to show we can work with an array of people”. Doing so, Wayman and Micah not only enhance the fashion industry with their design but also with society at large by being able to create artistic clothing that transcends possession of a single group and is able to be appreciated by all lovers of fashion. 

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