Client Side, Now Live!
by AKO • Mar 14, 2019 | Update

Client Homepage is Now Live!

Yes, that’s right. We finally unrolled the client side homepage to the Ako homepage.

In the past weeks, we received suggestions and feedbacks from freelancers and clients in our community on several functions, and features for the Ako’ platform, especially requests for the launch of the client-side to the homepage, and so we had to cave in. We always take your suggestions and feedback seriously and will continue to make pivotal changes per your suggestions for the good of everyone in the community.

The current homepage features an unhinged discovery into the Ako community, for clients and freelancers, and for generally anyone curious enough to learn more about our community. It is finally where it is supposed to be, and all clients and freelancers in the community have to full invite to make use of it.


What this means for clients.
With the new homepage, clients can now directly search for freelancers using three(3) important filters:

Freelancer, Service, Name: Multiple keywords relating to either freelancer type, specific freelancer name, and tags, and/or type of services required.

  • Date: Day of service (Recommended, but not required)
  • Location: Preferred location of service (City, Area, Zip, etc.)


What this means for freelancers.
For freelancers, this is an additional avenue to connect to clients and one more discovery channel for clients to directly find you.

How to get the best out of the homepage?

  • Update your profile to be more descriptive.
  • Use the location feature on profile settings to state an exact or proximal location( State, City, Zip-code)
  • Use the tags feature in your profile to enable tags specific to your service category and the services you offer, or by curating your own personal tags.

As we introduce new features in the coming months, we’re committed to hearing your suggestions on how can grow the community, and make it accommodating and easier for all freelancers and clients.

We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions!


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