Ako. What is it?
by AKO • Mar 05, 2019 | Update


A fashion and lifestyle community marketplace, for you to connect with service providers(freelancers, agencies, businesses, etc.) offering fashion and lifestyle services.


AKOis streamlining the process of connecting and hiring fashion and lifestyle service providers, as well as solving the problem of discoverability of these service providers.

 Now you can search, book and directly hire Fashion Stylists, Fashion designers, Seamstresses, Tailors, a Photographer, an Interior Decorator, or request for (a) service(s) from verified and skilled fashion and lifestyle service providers; offering clients an unlimited range of choice based on rates, geographical location, schedule, personal preferences, and other applicable filters.

AKOis enabling fashion and lifestyle service providers of different spectrums of rates, location, experience level and skillset, a platform to market their skills and be easily reached by clients, and fostering the connection bridge between both parties.

Currently, with only 9 service categories, freelancers offering services based on these 9 categories can Register as a Freelancer, create a service or business profile, create and personalize their price list, set their availability as well as use other profile functions on their AKO platform. Clients can in-turn to search for their desired service, choose a location, and connect with their desired freelancer/professional.

We are building a Fashion and Lifestyle community marketplace, and on the greater scheme of things reducing the industry related stringency of entry, and accessibility into our related industries.

Join us!

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