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by AKO • Jan 10, 2019 | Update

Over the course of nearly 9 months, we called, video-chatted, surveyed, and met with all spectrum of freelancers (most within our community), all around the country, with varying fashion and lifestyle skills, crafts, and talents all with different freelancing experience, skill types, objectives, operations, career and/or business goals, and interest, to determine what real people actually want in an online fashion and lifestyle community, marketplace. And in many cases, we met with people who had never heard of us or didn’t know the capacity in which their talents, skills, and crafts could take them. Simply put: we listened, and now we’re going to deliver.

Today, we are unveiling AKO for Web, a brand-new web platform with a well thought out combination of core features and tools aimed to make your experience with clients better and increase your client reach.

We’re inviting freelancers to AKO for web starting today, with more features to be unrolled before our launch time early summer this year.

Here are some highlights of what we remodeled for freelancers on AKO web:

Search Tags
Increase your discoverability by adding tags to your profile- either selecting from our list of tags or adding your custom tags.
“Jason Shane Interiors” “Jane & John Styling” as well as other curated tags such as “Photo-shoot Styling” “Bespoke Tailoring” “New-Born Photography.” All tags are enabled to make your profile reflect on the discovery and search results page when typed by clients.

Services Duration, Description
For each service, this provides added information and description to clients viewing your price-list. A detailed description helps inform clients of the services they are interested in booking and provides in-depth info of the service type and experience.

Direct Booking Link
The share profile function features an option to copy your direct booking link(akoapp.com/JasonShane). With this link, clients can directly view your service profile and book your services.

Notifications – Email, SMS
Get alerts for your service requests, reminders, appointments, messages, etc. Enable or Disable this function in settings. We recommend you enable them 🙂

Differentiate your profile by selecting an experience level badge and applying for a professional badge (Professional badges require submission of certificates before approval).

Read about the AKO web features and how to’s on the help center. The help center will be comprehensively structured and better detailed with images, to fit every help scenario in the coming months.

These features and others will make their way over to iOS in the coming months.

Thanks to your support, the AKO community continues to grow, and we’re still committed to building our community together- created for us, by us.

We look forward to hearing how you use AKO Web, and your feedbacks are always welcomed – stay tuned for more exciting updates over the next few months.

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