….an on demand mobile app for Fashion and Lifestyle service providers to connect with customers in need of fashion and lifestyle service(s).


AKO’ is streamlining the process of booking and connecting to Fashion and Lifestyle service providers.

AKO’ lets customers search, book and connect directly  to Fashion Stylists, Fashion designers, Seamstresses, Tailors, a Photographer, an Interior Decorator, or request for a fashion and lifestyle service directly from skilled vendors; offering customers an unlimited range of choices, based on rates, geographical location, schedule preferences, and other applicable filters.


AKO’ enables vendors of different demographics, and skillset acquired through personal training or formal institutions a platform to market their skills and be easily reached by customers.



By installing AKO’ freelancers offering select 9 services on the platform are able to create a profile, list multiple services, create and personalize their price list, and set their availability based on their schedule, enabling a seamless process for customers to search for a desired service, filter and select a service provider, choose a location, and connect to their selected freelancer/professional by sending a service request.


Upon accepting and rendering services to customers, payments for rendered services are made directly from customer to freelancers completely off the platform.


AKO’ is creating a Fashion and Lifestyle hub to limit industry related boundaries of entry, by allowing Fashion and Lifestyle freelancers, or professionals with the appropriate skillset accessibility and reachability to a broader customer base.. Join us!


Download and get started today!

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