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Wardrobe consultant

Your closet needs a little or a lot of re-structuring, recycling, and color arrangement. Select and connect to our registered wardrobe consultants and have your wardrobe looking like James Bond’s or Carrie Bradshaw’s.


Search and connect to fashion designers, tailors, and seamstresses in your location for custom and bespoke wears. Our clothiers range from self-taught and licensed fashion designers, tailors and seamstresses, specialized in Menswear, Womenswear, Kids-wear and Costume design.  
akoapp services
akoapp services

Personal Stylist

Connect with specialized stylists to help you look more than you earn! Our registered personal stylists are ready to style you for those special occasions, events, parties, interviews, dates, and when you need to make a quick stop at the Grammy’s. Search, Filter and select your stylist based on their specialty, rates and availability.

Personal Shopper

Felling guilty about buying that extra pair of shoes? Hire someone to feel guilty for you! Our listed shopaholics are here to help shop for that extra pair of clothing item, and assist with your needs and gifts for friends and family, or an outfit for an occasion. Connect with one today and get personalized attention! 
akoapp services
akoapp services


Looking for a fashion, lifestyle, food or corporate photographer? Our registered photographers are available to photograph your events, parties, and headshots or if you’re just in the mood for a bathroom photoshoot.

Interior Decorator

Moving into a new space requires a lot of time, thinking, designing and settling. If you could search for an interior decorator and find several options in rates, time and availability within a 1 mile radius from you, would your life be better? Yes, we know. 
akoapp services
akoapp services

Artisan - Decorative Art

Avoid those ‘I also have that artwork’ moments when you walk into a friend’s apartment.

Artisan - Furniture

Refer to the previous moment you should avoid and replace that scenario with furniture, or just search and connect to our skilled furniture makers to get your one of one(s).
akoapp services
akoapp services

Artisan - Jewelry

Sometimes, getting it custom made might not be as expensive as you think. Find professional jewelry makers so you can brag about that signature piece, or have it made for someone and make them feel special.

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