‘I get it custom, you a customer’ – Kanye West

With Fast Fashion becoming the order of the day these days, you just might need to video call a friend at a party before getting dressed to make sure you’re not wearing the same pants with 5 other women ….Or men.

What AKO’ allows you do in 15-20 minutes is to have an original look made for you, from Scratch! Unless you really like having the same furniture as the couple on the fourth floor that throws a block party every weekend or you’re trying to be the thoughtless bride that makes her bridesmaids wear the same dresses as 20million other women.

So, looking for a Clothier, Tailor, Seamstress ? Search on AKO’

We were stumped to find out the affordability of these services, as well as the plethora of service providers offering these tailored, personalized services. SO we set out to discount the belief that these services were only available to celebrities and the select 1% that could afford them.

I mean, how do you find a fabric, get your measurements taken, pick or submit a design and have something SPECIFICALLY made for you without going through the strenuous process of finding a Fashion designer, Tailor, Seamstress or better yet, getting a custom item or furniture from a Furniture maker, Jewelry maker or other creative artisans.

The question I bet you are asking  is why nobody introduced us to this concept earlier.

Truth is, when we set on the journey to creating a Fashion and Lifestyle platform for Freelancers; we knew we were exploring a totally different scope of Fashion and Lifestyle services, with a goal to make these acclaimed luxurious services an everyday service to us regular folks.

By allowing customers a seamless and direct means to connecting with different spectrums of Fashion and Lifestyle service providers, we are also giving a platform to hidden talent that NEED to be discovered.

So all you have to do is search, filter, select, book and connect .


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