Getting more client requests on AKO’


You’ve set up your services profile, added photos of your portfolio , and created your service list and price list.  (If not, Register as a Freelancer) NEXT? It’s time to get clients to send you service requests and book appointments with you online.
Most past clients are used to booking you through a phone call or text, and many are unaware of the availability of the AKO’ app, and the ease of booking your services through the AKO’ APP.

By making clients book you online, you build your client base on AKO’, build your reviews and ratings and you streamline the process of accepting and managing bookings.

How to make it work?

Start by setting up your AKO’ profile, creating your service(s) list and creating your price-list, and your availability.
Also make sure to have a reliable contact information, and most importantly the correct profile name.

Share your profile

Share your profile to clients using the “Share my profile” feature located in settings. This helps clients find your profile on the AKO’ app. ?
In Person: When you meet a client in person, be sure to refer them to the AKO’ app to book you next time.


How does this help  my Clients?

  •  It’s convenient. They can book you anytime they want, can check your schedule themselves and send you multiple personalized requests.
  • Its is easier to manage appointments-once you accept a service request, and the appointment is booked, reminders are texted and emailed to them so they never miss the appointment.

How does this help me as a Freelancer?

  • Build you online client base. By having past clients book you on AKO’, you build an online client base that becomes visible to prospective clients to reference of your past work performance.
  • Reviews and Ratings. Our reviews and rating system is set up for customers to give you reviews based on your provided services. Having clients book you on AO’ and recommending that they give you a review increases your ratings and reviews.



If you need any help with clients, requests or setting up your profile, contact us at

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