Register by downloading the AKO’ app on the Appstore and Google play store or by clicking the download links on our home page. Freelancers can create a profile by selecting service(s) offered, creating a price list, and setting a schedule. Customers: Sign up via email or Facebook and start connecting to vendors!
We are currently FREE to both customers and Service providers, but will be charging an affordable subscription fee to service providers in the short to medium term future.
By simply searching for any fashion and lifestyle services and selecting from a list of service providers offering such services. Select your desired service(s) from the vendor's price-list, choose a location you would like to meet your freelancer, and send a service or appointment request. Don’t find a service? Let us know at
By creating your service and price list, customers can search and select your profile, send you a service or appointment request based on services you offer, your rates, availability and your location
As part of the booking process, you select your desired service location! Pick a vendors location if you would like to meet at the vendors location. OR Select your location by choosing your current location or typing an address of your desired location.
Payments are made completely off the platform and directly to your selected service provider. Chat and negotiate with your service provider for preferred methods of payment.


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