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‘I get it custom, you a customer’ – Kanye West

With Fast Fashion becoming the order of the day these days, you just might need to video call a friend at a party before getting dressed to make sure you’re not wearing the same pants with 5 other women ….Or men. What AKO’ allows you do in 15-20 minutes is to have an original look …

United colors of Fall 2017!

Even though you can book a stylist or wardrobe consultant on AKO’ to tell you these things, we realized what  a customary obligation it is to inform you that SUMMER 2017 fashion is officially over! All or most stores are now selling fall items, which honestly just makes everyone excited for sweater weather. Our Favorite weather! …


….an on demand mobile app for Fashion and Lifestyle service providers to connect with customers in need of fashion and lifestyle service(s).