New seasons usually bring different volumes of fashion and lifestyle freelancer searches from clients. This is usually attributable to the new yearly objectives, new inspirations, and a long old desire for a new change.

Here are top 3 fashion freelance categories we suggest will have higher volumes for client searches, and our recommendations to stay up to date and stay ahead of the influx of client searches and requests.


Wardrobe Consultants: Like a lot of us, clients are looking to change their wardrobe this season, this often comes with a desire to improve their personal style of have a properly coordinated closet for the following seasons after winter; Spring, Summer, Fall…

Personal Shoppers: New clothes, New me! Eventually if spring cleaning and closet detoxing doesn’t go well enough to store some old clothing items. The need for personal shoppers to refill these newly empty spaces.

Personal Stylists: Spring season marks the beginning of other season, which also marks the beginning of endless events, invites, events, dates, etc. Most clients usually wait last minute until they consult with stylists, others start early enough as at the time of wardrobe consulting.


 How to Stay Ready!

3 simple tips to stay equipped and ready…

  • Update your portfolio
    Can’t and won’t stop emphasizing on the importance of having professional pictures of your work, as well as the need to update your portfolio to match the current season. Update picture portfolio by deleting winter pictures and replacing with spring and summer pictures.
  • Personalize your price list
    Updating your spring services and price list for spring: If you offer seasonal services or have a different price list for each season, heres your call. Paying attention and possibly updating your price list helps the booking process for a client easier.
  • Respond to clients
    The easy and a little hard part is responding to clients requests as soon as they come. Chat, negotiate, with clients if need be, and change a client’s life for the better..

Spring season is anticipated to generate an endless influx of client request and service bookings, so staying ready for this season helps ease the on boarding of new clients and the continuous satisfaction of old ones.

Learn how to promote your AKO’ profile to old clients on our previous post .

With Fast Fashion becoming the order of the day these days, you just might need to video call a friend at a party before getting dressed to make sure you’re not wearing the same pants with 5 other women ….Or men.

What AKO’ allows you do in 15-20 minutes is to have an original look made for you, from Scratch! Unless you really like having the same furniture as the couple on the fourth floor that throws a block party every weekend or you’re trying to be the thoughtless bride that makes her bridesmaids wear the same dresses as 20million other women.

So, looking for a Clothier, Tailor, Seamstress ? Search on AKO’

We were stumped to find out the affordability of these services, as well as the plethora of service providers offering these tailored, personalized services. SO we set out to discount the belief that these services were only available to celebrities and the select 1% that could afford them.

I mean, how do you find a fabric, get your measurements taken, pick or submit a design and have something SPECIFICALLY made for you without going through the strenuous process of finding a Fashion designer, Tailor, Seamstress or better yet, getting a custom item or furniture from a Furniture maker, Jewelry maker or other creative artisans.

The question I bet you are asking  is why nobody introduced us to this concept earlier.

Truth is, when we set on the journey to creating a Fashion and Lifestyle platform for Freelancers; we knew we were exploring a totally different scope of Fashion and Lifestyle services, with a goal to make these acclaimed luxurious services an everyday service to us regular folks.

By allowing customers a seamless and direct means to connecting with different spectrums of Fashion and Lifestyle service providers, we are also giving a platform to hidden talent that NEED to be discovered.

So all you have to do is search, filter, select, book and connect .


Even though you can book a stylist or wardrobe consultant on AKO’ to tell you these things, we realized what  a customary obligation it is to inform you that SUMMER 2017 fashion is officially over!

All or most stores are now selling fall items, which honestly just makes everyone excited for sweater weather. Our Favorite weather! Right? Anyone?… Okay.


With fall comes the possibility for so many outfits.  I mean, not only do you get to start layering and feeling cozy, but you also get to try out so many new trends that feel fresh, exciting, and classy. It’s quite possibly the most chic time of year, and definitely something everyone should take advantage of, and the inner ad in us wants to say Book an AKO’ stylist today and learn more, but we’re going to be generous with this jewel of information.

Based on Fashion Week, social media, and our general intuition,  we can tell you that we’re pretty positive the below fashion colors and fabric trends are going to be huge this upcoming fall and winter. Of course, you don’t have to partake in the myriad of them, but…. you’ll probably want to.


These are our top 4 fashion choices for Fall/Winter 2017 !

Note: We kept it as gender neutral as we possible could.

Call this plaid or tartan —it was everywhere this season, used on Wall Street-worthy pantsuits, preppy pleated skirts, mannish coats, and even an evening gown or two. We are paying major attention to plaid this fall and don’t be afraid to over plaid. By that we mean the fashion gods won’t hold you accountable if you walked into the cocktail dinner wearing head to toe plaid.

F/W 17-18
BALENCIAGA.  NYFW Fall/Winter 17-18

Red is one of the most dynamic and self-confident shades of F/W 17-18, and will surely be everywhere this season – seen as it is the official color of Fall 2017. Its safe to say a lot of us will be getting the attention with this color.
Guys: Keep it minimal..or not!

Givenchy. Fall/Winter 2017

Greatly featured in Raf Simons’ debut with Calvin Klein, blue is one of fall 2017 season’s most used colors, as it is both cheerful and elegant. Perfect when combined with white, red, gray, and ivory, bringing “freshness and brightness” to any of your fall 2017 outfits.

Dior. Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Red Family’s most elegant child, burgundy adds sophistication and is the perfect go-to for any fall party.  Our favorite 2017 color trend! For our stylish men, we recommend this with a touch of plaid. Book an AKO’ stylist to hook you up if you are on a budget.

As seen on Versace Runway // Milan Men’s Fashion week 2017


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